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My Life with the Walter Boys


13580846When Jackie’s entire Family dies in car crash and her mother’s dieing wish is that she lives with the Walter’s. The mischief and happy memories only start to form.

My Opinion: This may be one of my favorite books, I have read in teen romance and thats saying alot, since I’ve kinda been obsessed with it lately.  I have no clue why.
I think its sooo cute that there are sooo many boys and only Mrs. Walter and Jackie as Women in the house. The pranks and sarcastic show downs are probable my favorite part of the book.
The fact that all the boys look like freaking SUPER MODELS, kinda helps too.😂😂

Overall Rating: I give this book a 9`♡ | 10`♡
It was almost the perfect book but the ending kinda made me mad. How could she NOT PICK!!! (Sorry for the tieny tiny Spoiler!!!)

Info’s about the book:
My Life with the Walter Boy’s; All twelve of them
Written by: Fallzswimmer
I’m pretty sure it’s in stores, but since I read it in Wattpad. I can’t be sure.;)

🌷Enjoy reading,😂


Bad Boy’s Games


9556691-368-k911418Elliot and Archer have been enemies for quite some time. But when they start playing a game, they grow closer than they ever thought possible.

My Opinion:
This is your typical boy meets girl. They play a game, they fall in love story. But what I really liked most about this story, is that yes, the storyline is a cliché, BUT it’s still original and super cute. A total MUST READ for hopelessly romantic people, just like me.

Overall Rating:
I give this Book 9`♡| 10`♡
Because I didn’t really like the way it ended. But everything else about the book rocked.

Info’s about the book:
Bad Boy’s Game
Writin by: beautifultragedies
》As far as I know, only on Wattpad. Sorry!《

A\N I’m kinda obsessed with Wattpad right know, which is why I am reading all these books that are on Wattpad.
You have to download the app. It’s a-mazing!!!! ( It’s for free… And I’m not trying to market the app. It’s great, trust me.)

Enjoy reading;
Lots of love and kisses,