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Holding Up the Universe


holdinguptheuniverse.jpgLibby was crowned America’s Fattest Teen. She even had to be ‘cut out’ of her own home. But what people don’t know is the reason for her obsession with food. That was roughly two years ago, now she is ready to come back, start high school and a major do over.

Jack is the man. Well, at least that’s what he wants everyone to think. Jack can’t remember faces. He can remember a person, just not how they look like. Imagine a room full of strangers, but those strangers being your loved ones, people you’ve known your entire life, but having to memorize their faces again, and again, every time they turn away.

When Libby and Jack cross paths in an altercation, they realize that in order to feel less alone, you have to have to be willing to share your secrets.

My Overall Rating:
I give this book a 9 ‘* / 10’*
This book was/is amazing. I enjoyed how their characters and personalities changed and grew throughout the plot.

My Opinion:
There are a few things that I would change. Like maybe let her figure out who sent those letters or let her fulfill her dream. But I maybe the story would then not feel so damn amazing to read. I read this book in under 8 hours. And I started in the checkout line of the Hugendubel (german bookstore chain) that I bought it in. I have fallen in love with Jennifer Niven ever since I read All the Bright Places. I just love how she writes. This book makes me hyper at 2am in the morning, a time that I’m usually dead tired at. Every time I read one of her books, she changes the way I look at the world and more specifically that people inhabiting it. This book is a must read, if you like The Fault in Our Stars and All the Bright Places, or are simply a breathing, living human being that craves a love story.

Information about the Book:
Name: Holding Up the Universe
Author: Jennifer Niven

I know, I haven’t blogged in a while. But I just wasn’t feeling it. But now I’m back and I have so many books to talk about.

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All the Bright Places


‘If you’re looking for the next The Fault in Our Stars, this is it’
– Guardian

Violet is devasted after her sister’s death. Then she meets Finch.
Violet learns to live from a boy who wants to die.

That is literally all you need to know, only that it’s even better than The Fault in Our Stars. If you don’t want to read a book about suicide and death, then you shouldn’t read this book.
But even with being about suicide and etc. it still has recently become one of my favorite screenshot_2016-07-09-08-26-10-1.pngbooks ever. It has also made me cry enough tears to water an entire field of crops in the texas summer heat. I admire the characters for what they managed to deal with. If I been in Violets (one of the main characters) position I would have handled it much worse. This book is practically perfect in every way (just like Mary Poppins), but also incredibly sad.

I am giving this book an 10’*/10’* unbelievable I know. 😉
This book is AMAZING from the first page to the acknowledgments. You really need to at least have tried it. I was very emotional afterwards and I strongly recommend to read this book in a comfortable environment.

Information about the Book:
Name: All The Bright Places
Author: Jennifer Niven
#1 Bestseller in Amazon’s Social Issues for Teens

I hope you are doing great and are having a good time.
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Bad Decisions Playlist


513l8llfI-L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_This is a story about a group of very screwed up people who have all made mistakes, but they learn to figure out their problems and their issues, through their love for music.

My Opinion:
That sentence basically describes everything you need to know about this book. It’s about messing up and having to deal with the consequences. Trusting someone and having that trust broken. But this is also a story about love. The kind of love that consumes you and makes you forget everything else. The kind of love we all want, the kind of love that we ache for in our hearts.
I really liked the middle and the end, even though I don’t agree with how it ended but I understand that somethings are not meant to last.
The first few pages, maybe chapters I don’t know anymore, I probaöyx skipped because in the beginning there is so much explaining to do and even though the beginning was probably crucial but I then figured out the parts that I needed and it was okay. But I tried getting through the first few chapters, but I found it nearly impossible.

I give this book an 7’* / 10’*
Mainly because the beginning, but also because there were a lot of things I would change. But all in all, the story is written pretty good.

Information about the Book:
Name: Bad Decisions Playlist
Author: Michael Rubens
-Publication Date: 2nd of August 2016-

Do you think something or someone like god exists?
I wish you nothing but love and success,

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares


51glspx9S3L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Lily has left a red notebook full of dares at her favorite bookstore, now all she is waiting  for, is that her prince charming will find the notebook and accept the dares along the way to come find her. Dash is the first person to find the notebook, could he be her prince charming? And when they finally do meet, will Lily and Dash connect or do they turn out to be two totally different people than the ones that fill the pages of the red notebook?

My Opinion:
I really liked this book. It has the right amount of witty comebacks and cute family moments to crack you up and wish you had a family like that, but it also makes you think what would happen if your life was not perfect. Like what your life would look like, if you had a lot less than you have now?

I give this book 8’* from 10’* Not because I didn’t like it, but because it wasn’t such a story where you HAVE to keep reading. It wasn’t a binding story, you could put away the book for a while and start reading it again a few months later.

Info’s About the Book:
Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares
Written by: Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
This is a collaboration Book of two semi-famous writers.
David Levithan – Every Day
Rachel Cohn – Haven’t read any of her books yet…

Have fun reading!!!!!
Lots of Love,

The Bad Boy’s Girl


Tessa has been 687474703a2f2f693838352e70686f746f6275636b65742e636f6d2f616c62756d732f616335322f7072696e6365737366697a7a3130312f576174747061642f546865426164426f79734769726c2d312e6a7067bullied for most of her life, by a lot of different people. The most recent one being her former best friends. Nicole the former best friends is not only tormenting her for all of her high school life, but is also dating her crush Jason Stone. When Cole Stone, Jason’s older adoptive brother comes back into town, Tessa is about to break down. Cole has been her personal devil ever since they were children, he would pull pranks on her and most of them ending, in her being shipped off to the emergence room. But something is different about him, when he comes back. Granted he has been in military boarding school for the past four years, but that can’t change a person that much, can it?

My Opinion: I thought that this book would be a total cliché to be honest. But there were things that came totally unexpected. I’m personally really happy with my life now, so I was shocked when I read how a former best friends would treat her ex-best friend, out of jealousy without thinking about it twice. I think it’s important to write about bullying, but this seriously shocked me, I don’t really know why though. I absolutely love how she names her chapters, it’s so funny. The book is worth reading just to read the names of the chapters.

Overall Rating:
I give this book a 8/10
The plot line is great, just the details are a bit foggy and the story is a bit too dramatic, but that’s just me. This is a love story so there’s bound to be drama, I just kinda think you over did it a bit.

Info’s About the Book:
The Bad Boy’s Girl
It’s the first book in a series, but I kinda don’t want to read the series, since most of the time when there is a series of a love story, they break up at some point and I don’t want that to happen to them. But like always it’s up to you.
Written by: JessGirl93
On Wattpad and in book stores.
Here’s the promised update. I’m having a blast this year, so far. Even though the guy I like(d) has a new girlfriend now. So what!!! I don’t need a boyfriend, I have amazing friends!!!! My theme this week is “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”

Have fun reading Guys!!!!!
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When Nicole leaves her Grandma to go off to college, she doesn’t expect her Roommate to be a guy, nor  to see her 24361000-256-k984598Ex-boyfriend again, but everything happens for a reason and on top of all that her Roommate is extremely handsome and he’s very aware of her feelings toward him.

My Opinion: I really liked this book, not because I’m lately obsessing about Teen Romance, but because this is genuinely a good book. The main character is exactly like me, so I immediately felt connected. This might not be the case for you, but  just keep in mind to give this book a chance and Not Judge a Book by its Cover. I basically fell in love with Nicole’s Best Friends, they are amazing. What i liked most about this book, is that it moved at a steady pace. Maybe even a little bit too fast, but I’m guessing that if the plotline moved a bit slower the book wouldn’t be that interesting.

Overall Rating: I give this book a 9/10 heart-clipart-black-and-white-9c4XprpcE        The characters are great, but the situation that they end up in are sometimes too awkward for my taste.

Info’s About the Book:
Written by: xthatONEchickx

As far as I know only available on Wattpad, but you can also just type in Wattpad.com and then Roommates. It’s free,  no signing up or so.

A/N I’m so sorry for the delay, but these first few weeks back in School have been totally crazy. Anyway, I’ll make sure I’ll post at least once a week.

Have Fun reading this Book,

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My Life with the Walter Boys


13580846When Jackie’s entire Family dies in car crash and her mother’s dieing wish is that she lives with the Walter’s. The mischief and happy memories only start to form.

My Opinion: This may be one of my favorite books, I have read in teen romance and thats saying alot, since I’ve kinda been obsessed with it lately.  I have no clue why.
I think its sooo cute that there are sooo many boys and only Mrs. Walter and Jackie as Women in the house. The pranks and sarcastic show downs are probable my favorite part of the book.
The fact that all the boys look like freaking SUPER MODELS, kinda helps too.😂😂

Overall Rating: I give this book a 9`♡ | 10`♡
It was almost the perfect book but the ending kinda made me mad. How could she NOT PICK!!! (Sorry for the tieny tiny Spoiler!!!)

Info’s about the book:
My Life with the Walter Boy’s; All twelve of them
Written by: Fallzswimmer
I’m pretty sure it’s in stores, but since I read it in Wattpad. I can’t be sure.;)

🌷Enjoy reading,😂

Bad Boy’s Games


9556691-368-k911418Elliot and Archer have been enemies for quite some time. But when they start playing a game, they grow closer than they ever thought possible.

My Opinion:
This is your typical boy meets girl. They play a game, they fall in love story. But what I really liked most about this story, is that yes, the storyline is a cliché, BUT it’s still original and super cute. A total MUST READ for hopelessly romantic people, just like me.

Overall Rating:
I give this Book 9`♡| 10`♡
Because I didn’t really like the way it ended. But everything else about the book rocked.

Info’s about the book:
Bad Boy’s Game
Writin by: beautifultragedies
》As far as I know, only on Wattpad. Sorry!《

A\N I’m kinda obsessed with Wattpad right know, which is why I am reading all these books that are on Wattpad.
You have to download the app. It’s a-mazing!!!! ( It’s for free… And I’m not trying to market the app. It’s great, trust me.)

Enjoy reading;
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