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Saphire Blue


“Ready when you are.”
-Sapphire Blue (Kerstin Gier)

The past week has been very hard for Gwen. She has found out that she is a time traveler, that her family is part of some secret organization, that a creepy earl that has been dead for almost 200 years is out to get her, and that the guy she is time traveling with is a guy who’s looks are totally swoon-worthy. But the list doesn’t stop there, it goes on and on.
Gideon kissed her, what is she supposed to do now?

My Opinion:
I love this series in general but this book in particular is not exactly my favorite because I just can’t deal with how Gideon and Gwen treat each other. There was a good amount of action, but the book was mostly about their relationship and Gwen finding things out and learning to deal with being a time traveler.

I give this book an 8.5’*/ 10’*
My favorite scene in this book is probably the chapters 4-10 because the story has already started and all the catching up is already done. but also because in this book you see how sassy Gwen can be and I just love that the books are written in her point of view because you see how Gideon’s presence affects her. You can really put yourself in her position since her thoughts are so detailed and her struggle for words we have probably all have had in the presence of our crush.

Information about the Book:
2nd Book in a Trilogy
German Titel: Saphir Blau
Author: Kerstin Gier

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Dream On


Liv is back from winter break and the demon hasn´t shown up at all. Liv´s life seems perfect right up to the moment, when her boyfriend starts acting weirdly and keeping secrets from her. So Liv decides to stalk him, what she finds is not really what she was expecting. Grayson´s and Florence´s birthday party is upon the doorstep and Liv finds herself in a chaos, that she once called her family.

My Opinion:
This is probably my favourite book of the trilogy, because it shows that once again that friendships, relationship and family’s aren´t only rainbows and unicorns, but hard work and that it takes a lot of nerves to make them into the ones that you w51afmzTQnnL._SX300_BO1,204,203,200_ant them to be.
What I probably like most about this book, is that there is sence that in any other book would be ridiculous or just wouldn´t exist, but in this book or more this writer always nails them and I always have to laugh my ass off. I want to thank the author for making the intro and the authors note at the end of the book not boring and on top of that adding some really nice recipes.

Overall Rating:
I give this book 9.5 / 10 *
This book was by far the best one I have read in a while. I enjoyed the fact that yes, it is indeed a love story but it doesn´t center around the two love birds. Besides that I also really like that the blog of Secrecy keeps going, and that about every chapter there are blog posts about the school and characters.

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Dream a Little Dream


Liv Silber is nDream-a-Little-Dream-originalew in town. She moved to London because her mother has finally decided to settle down with her new boyfriend and his two children. Liv soon discovers that living in London with a new family and new problems is not exactly what she had expected, on top of that there are these two tiny problems. One, Liv´s dreams seem a tad bit more real then the normal every day-dream. Two, this really cute boy seems to not be able to stop staring at her.
Will what happens in their dreams stay in their dreams or will it follow them into the real world? Will things unknown be discovered or will Liv keep searching in the wrong places and asking the wrong questions?

My Opinion:
I really enjoyed reading this book, even though I didn´t think I would enjoy it, when a friend of mine recommend it to me. This book is a great book to read if you have already read other books by Kerstin Gier, but also if you haven´t. What I also like about this book is that there is a certain mystery to who the bad guy is. In the beginning it is crystal clear but the further you read the more those lines blend. When I started reading this book I really want to read something else from Kerstin Gier, because I had just finished the Ruby Red stories and I was fascinated by her. Turns out that Kerstin Gier has published over 20 different books. So I picked her recent one and bought it. Anyway, as soon as I started reading I fell completely in love with the characters, since you or more I am able to easily relate to the characters, but I loved one the most. Henry Harper. That character surprised me the most I think. At first I though he was just gonna be your typical bad boy, who has a rocky past and a few secrets. But I started to relieve that he is so much more than that. Yes, he may be all those things that I listed above, but he also has an adorable little sister who you just immediately start to get jealous of, then you have those startling gray eyes. OMG. I think if Henry Harper was real, I would be his number one crazy fan girl.

I give this book a 9.5/10*, because the characters might not be that original, but the story itself and the end are very surprising. I really hope that this book or more the trilogy comes and visits us on the big screen.

Information About the Book:
Dream a Little Dream
By: Kerstin Gier
German title: Silber; Das Erste Buch der Träume
First Book in a Trilogy

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Ruby Red (Book 1)


8835379Gwendolyn Shepherd can travel through time and she’s not the only one. But she’s the last one and the most important one. According to this secret organization led by a guy, that lives in the past, about 100 years ago. Gwen can travel through time, which can only be controlled only by a machine called the chronograph, which works with her and all the other Time Travelers blood. Gwen is about to be ripped off her feet by an adventure she is so not ready for. And to make it all worse, she caught herself kissing a really good-looking guy in the past and that guy so happens to be her travel companion in the present,  whom her cousin Charlotte (the evil Witch) just happens to really like.

My Opinion:
I found this series by accident, but I can’t seem to live without it anymore. I read it over and over again. If you like time travel this is the series that you can’t have missing from your bookshelf. The romance in this book really feels realistic because of its many ups and downs throughout the pages of the series. It’s really worth reading!!!

Overall Rating:
I give the book a 10`☆ | 10`☆ rating.
This book just rocked and when I thought about throwing it away, it got me to keep reading with its heart warming characters and hilarious jokes.

Info’s about the book:
Written by: Kerstin Gier
>1st Book in a TRIOLOGY

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