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The Maze Runner


When Thomas wakes up he has no idea who he is or where he is. All he sees is darkness and the faint glimmer of light at the top of what he thinks might be the metal box, in that he is currently sitting.
Welcome to The Maze.
No one knows why they are here. Every day they send Runners into the Maze to find an exit. Each night the doors to the Maze close, keeping the Grievers and other Monsters from attackThe_Maze_Runner_poster.jpging their village. Everything is more or less peaceful until a girl shows up. The first girl ever brought up by the metal box. Clutching a piece of paper reading: She’s the last and only remembering a few things, one of them being Thomas. Problem is, he has absolutely no clue who she is. Adding to the excitement is a sudden change in the laws of the Maze.

Overall Rating:
I give this book an 9’*/10’*

My Opinion:
The book is great, but comparing it to the prequel Kill Order it kinda seems like a bit of a drab. Not in a bad way, just that it doesn’t have the same amount of gory and gross details as Kill Order. The Maze Runner has more plot line and character development. There are quite a few shocking deaths and considering that I first watched the movie, then read the book, I feel like I should add that how the characters look in the movie are almost exactly the way they are described in the book. This is a perfect first book in a series that takes place in the crappy reality that our world will be if we don’t take action to preserve our planet.

Information about the Book:
Name:The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
Movie: The Maze Runner (Dylan O’Brien)

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