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The Kane Chronicles; Book 1. The Red Pyramid


Carter and Sadie Kane are Siblings; even though they grew up separated from each other after their mothers death.
Carter traveled the world with his dad, while Sadie lived with her Grandparents in London. What they didn’t know, they’re both Magicians. Not Wizards like Harry Potter; but still with Magic.
Their ancestors were great pharohs in Ancient Egypt and have used the magic of the ancient gods.
As Carter and Sadie learn to control their magic powers, they discover what really happened the night their mom died and why she died.
They also notice that not all of the magicians like the gods and their ways and that some of them even want a world without the Gods. On top of all that, they discover that the real problem has only been started to begin to be solve.

My Opinion: Personally I love Rick Riordan’s books, but I understand that not everyone feels this way. If you do like fantasy and want to learn about Ancient Greece or Egypt, than make sure you read the Percy Jackson series and the Kane Chronicles.  For the beginning of a story, this book is perfect. Its not to dramatic or too slow. The story moves at a steady paces, making you slowly speed up the pace of your reading. I enjoyed reading it very much.

Info’s about the book:  The Kane Chronicles; Book One; The Red Pyramid
Written by: Rick Riordan

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