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The Hobbit


The_Hobbit_-_The_Battle_of_the_Five_ArmiesBilbo Baggins is a hobbit, a very respectful hobbit. Mr.Baggins lives in hole, in the ground. Not an ugly hole, but a hobbit hole. When Gandalf the great all-knowing Wizard joins Bilbo for tea, he doesn’t yet know what’s in store for him and on what adventures he will go.

My Opinion:
My first attempt to read this book was a complete failure. I had wrong information about the book and what it was about. So naturally I only read the first 2-6 pages and then put the book on hold, till there was a time when I had nothing better to read. Now that time has come. NOt only that but it also was very convenient that we had to read this book in school, so I had no other choice. To be completely honest, which I always try to be, I did have to pry page from page, because I couldn’t or didn’t really want to read this book. BUt as soon as I passed the introduction part and made it to the first “Troll” part, the reading came easier, which did surprise me. This book has been the cure to my book-hangover and I can honestly say that this book is worth reading, even if the movie is complete crap.

I give this book a 9/10* because even though it had its horrible chapters, the book and the story itself were pretty good. It also humored me that it was still written in the musical language that is not used now a days anymore.

Information About the Book:
The Hobbit
By: J.R.R. Tolkien
Prolog to a Series: The Lord of the Rings

as mentioned above I have had a gigantic Book Hangover and on top of that my computer is literally trashed… Oh well, I will do my best to keep up with the posts. Sry about any inconvenience.