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Grave Mercy


9565548Ismae’s Dad tried to kill her in her Mother’s womb. The Poison didn’t work on her. But her Mother almost died. When her Father sells her away to her new husband and he then finds out that she is a daughter of death, he’s furious.  But with the help of unknown helpers, she mannages to escape and get to the place she belongs. In the Convent. A place where daughers of death are trained to kill, in Deaths name. After her first assignments, Ismae starts to see how horrible the outside world really is. Then when she is supposed to be stationed outside of the convent for a longer period of time, undercover as the  Mistress from the Brother of the Governess, things start to change, not only does Ismae’s way of seeing love, but also of the way she sees the world and her place in it.

My Opinion:
What I liked about this book, was that for once it had something to do with the god of death in person, not only as a person spooking around on the sidelines. That it also was connected to History of France helped abit. What I liked too was, that you knew alot about the main character already, by the time you had read the first 2-5 chapters.
This book is great if you like books that play in the past and have alot to do with murders and revelutions.

Info’s about the book:
Grave Mercy
1st book in the series of My Fair Assasin
Writtin by: Robin LaFevers

Author’s Note:
I’m finally done with all my finals. I’ll know have more time to post pictures and reviews. Night School no.5 still hasn’t been sent to my house, so I’m still waiting on that. Right know I’m reading a book called Life as We knew It. I have already thought about checking out Maze Runner, but the Library doesn’t seem to have it…
Well I’ll probaly have to borrow it from a friend or so. Anyway, till next time.
Hope you enjoy the new book review and thought about reading it,