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Shadow Falls Books; Written by C. C. Hunter

Shadow Falls Camp; Book 1. Born at Midnight


Kylie is a 16 years old teenager who’s
live has suddently turned upside down. Her Boyfriend dumped her, her parents are splitting up and she has a stalker in wierd army clothes. One night she goes to a party; then drugs are found at the party and Kylie gets arested and sent to Shadow Falls Camp. When Kylie gets there she starts to see that Shadow Falls Camp is no ordanary camp, Vampires, Witches, Shifters, Faries and Werwolfs go there to learn how to live in the human world without getting exposed. Kylie can’t believe that she’s a part of that world. Then there are these two really cute boys that both really like her; the only problem is that one of them can play with her feelings and looks just like her ex-boyfirend and the other one is someone from her past.
When bad things start to happen around camp, Kylie would try and do anything to keep the Camp from closing; so she can finally figure out who she really is. And if everything goes out well or everything breaks apart you will have to find out by yourself.

This book is the beginning of an amazing series. Though this book isn’t that great you have to read it, otherwise you won’t understand anything that happends in the next books.

Info’s about the book:
Shadow Falls Camp Book 1 Born at Midnight
Written by: C. C. Hunter