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Gone (Book 1)


Welcome to the FAYZ, where Bullies rule and chaos decides.
The adults disappeared and have left behind a world that is slowly changing, mutating.
In the FAYZ everGone_Michael_Grantyone over the age of 15 disappears, blinks out of existence.
Kids start mutating too, developing weird but powerful super powers, similar to the powers of superheros.
Second party arrives, threatening the new-found peace and the FAYZ seems to be on the brick of world war 3.

My Opinion: I really like this book, but I really had to plow myself through the frist two-three chapters. They were soooo boring. But then it, thank god, got better. The characters started getting their 💩 together and they started putting up a plan. What I like most is that the characters are actually pretty young for their age. (They are around 13/14 ) There is a movie but I haven’t seen it yet.

Info’s about the Book:
Name: Gone
Written by: Michael Grant
1st Book in Series

Favorite song right now is Angle with a Shotgun by The Cab.
Have Fun reading!!!