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The Maze Runner


When Thomas wakes up he has no idea who he is or where he is. All he sees is darkness and the faint glimmer of light at the top of what he thinks might be the metal box, in that he is currently sitting.
Welcome to The Maze.
No one knows why they are here. Every day they send Runners into the Maze to find an exit. Each night the doors to the Maze close, keeping the Grievers and other Monsters from attackThe_Maze_Runner_poster.jpging their village. Everything is more or less peaceful until a girl shows up. The first girl ever brought up by the metal box. Clutching a piece of paper reading: She’s the last and only remembering a few things, one of them being Thomas. Problem is, he has absolutely no clue who she is. Adding to the excitement is a sudden change in the laws of the Maze.

Overall Rating:
I give this book an 9’*/10’*

My Opinion:
The book is great, but comparing it to the prequel Kill Order it kinda seems like a bit of a drab. Not in a bad way, just that it doesn’t have the same amount of gory and gross details as Kill Order. The Maze Runner has more plot line and character development. There are quite a few shocking deaths and considering that I first watched the movie, then read the book, I feel like I should add that how the characters look in the movie are almost exactly the way they are described in the book. This is a perfect first book in a series that takes place in the crappy reality that our world will be if we don’t take action to preserve our planet.

Information about the Book:
Name:The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
Movie: The Maze Runner (Dylan O’Brien)

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Gone (Book 1)


Welcome to the FAYZ, where Bullies rule and chaos decides.
The adults disappeared and have left behind a world that is slowly changing, mutating.
In the FAYZ everGone_Michael_Grantyone over the age of 15 disappears, blinks out of existence.
Kids start mutating too, developing weird but powerful super powers, similar to the powers of superheros.
Second party arrives, threatening the new-found peace and the FAYZ seems to be on the brick of world war 3.

My Opinion: I really like this book, but I really had to plow myself through the frist two-three chapters. They were soooo boring. But then it, thank god, got better. The characters started getting their 💩 together and they started putting up a plan. What I like most is that the characters are actually pretty young for their age. (They are around 13/14 ) There is a movie but I haven’t seen it yet.

Info’s about the Book:
Name: Gone
Written by: Michael Grant
1st Book in Series

Favorite song right now is Angle with a Shotgun by The Cab.
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Divergent (Book 1)


It’s Beatrice’s 16th birthday, the choosing ceremony, where she chooses her faction. The place she will live for the rest of her life, if she survives orientation. Faction before blood, those are the rules.

My Opinion: I really2014-03-04-divergentbyveronicaroth liked this book and I know I am pretty late to hop on the train, but I have only read the first book and have only watched the first movie. I didn’t want to read the book in the beginning, since so many people had told me I had to read this book. My cousin Hannah than just handed me the book, telling me to read the first chapter and I never stopped reading the book. My best friend than spoiled the second book for me, so know I don’t want to read it anymore, since a few characters die, that are dear to my heart. :’-(

OVERALL RATINGS: 9’* / 10’* This book has a great and well moving plotline, that stays interesting all the way through. It also has a cute love/action story hid behind the pages, that you don’t suspect when you see the cover. It’s worth reading, no matter how many people have said it. It’s still true.

Info’s about the Book:
Written by: Veronica Roth
>First book in a trilogy
> Movie with the same name and similar plotline

A/N I’m very sorry for the long wait to update. I had a crazy week of exams. I have written a couple of review already I just haven’t been able to post them. Anyway, I’m starting to publish my own stories on Wattpad under the user name: Ali_Greenwald

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Life as We knew it


When a commet hits the moon and the moon moves toward the earth. The weather suddenly completely breakes; Earth is thrown into chaos. The people that survive, struggle to return to normality.

My Opinion:
To be completely honest; the book bored me to death. After the first 2-3 chapters I droped the book and didn’t pick it up again. The story is a cliché.  But the Writers voice is not that detectable, which is good. The characters are completly normal and I probaly would have liked the book, but I’ve read so many world-ending books that, I expect a surtain level of action and drama. But in the end, to read a book or not is your choice and nobody can force you to read a book you don’t like in your free time.

Info’s about the book:
Life as We knew It
Written by: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Author’s Note:
I’m really sorry it took me so long to post another review. It’s just that, I haven’t really had the time lately to read alot. But since I’m now on break I have more time to read. Up next are Raven Stone, The Island of the Blue Dolphins and most likely Vergiss den Sommer nicht.

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Kill Order (Prequel)


Martyn Pig stg2The Sun Flares have destroyed almost the entire population of the world. Then when the Virus takes over, Mark, Trina, Lana and Alec decide its time to leave the civilization. They get as far away from their village as possible only to find that the Virus spreads like a forest fire and soon the rest of the existing world population is dead or gone mad. On their way to HQ, they meet a small girl named Deedee, she seems to be immune to the virus.
To know if they all make it out alive and if Deedee can help save the world is up to you.

My Opinion: ( No pun intended )
The cover to the book, looks pretty brutal. But when I read the first few pages I thought about it and wanted to give it a try. That it the pre – quell to Maze Runner probably helped. I love how the characters become strong throughout the book. It’s interesting to see how much they change and how they grow together and start to rely on each other, without meaning too. At first I didn’t really like the ending, but not all books can have a happy-ever-after ending otherwise no one would read books. After I re-read the ending a couple of times I was satisfied with the ending, it makes the next book possible and that’s all that counts in a pre – quell.

Info’s about the Book:
Kill Order
Written by: James Dashner

Author’s Note:
As promised the review to Kill Order, but I must say it was nice not having to run through this book. I took my time and it was fun to read a bit slower than usually. Next books coming up are Life as we knew it, Numbers, Maze Runner and maybe Grave Mercy.
I also just ordered the final book of Night School and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ll probably write a review on the series too, since I absolutely love it.

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