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I first hated to read, then I discovered the actual books and the different worlds they can lead you into. Which led to me loving books to the point, where I want to have every book in the world. But I'll start by reading all the books in the Library and on Wattpad. My Hobbies are reading, writing, sleeping and dreaming. My favorite food is Sushi and I would love to spend the rest of my life traveling and reading and writing books. My dream job, would probably be, to become an English Teacher at Oxford or becoming a Lawyer, since I love a good argument / debate.

Becoming Alpha


Tessa is different.
She gets visions of the things she touches, including people, visions that tell her the emotions that that person or animal felt or things that happened.
Then Tessa´s family decides to move, upon arrival in their new hometown, Tessa gets invited to a pacover-becoming-alpha@2x.pngrty, kisses the wrong guy and ends up discovering something that will change the way she looks at the world.

Overall Rating:
I give this book 10 ` */10 ` *
I know that´s a first, but this book really deserves it.

My Opinion:
This book has made it into my Top 50 of All Time. I am basically in love with Dastien and the fact that he speaks fluent French, has a unique task in music, is a supernatural creature and knows how to fight makes him so much hotter. I reread this book at least a hundred times, it makes me happy and has raised my expectations for a guy by at least a mile. One of my favorite characters is Meredith, what I just adore about her is her confidence and her love of changing her hair color. What makes me want to read werewolf books, in general, is probably the fact that they have someone designed for them the moment they are born and I envy that.

Information about the Book:
Name: Becoming Alpha
Book Series: Alpha Girl
Author: Aileen Erin

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The Maze Runner


When Thomas wakes up he has no idea who he is or where he is. All he sees is darkness and the faint glimmer of light at the top of what he thinks might be the metal box, in that he is currently sitting.
Welcome to The Maze.
No one knows why they are here. Every day they send Runners into the Maze to find an exit. Each night the doors to the Maze close, keeping the Grievers and other Monsters from attackThe_Maze_Runner_poster.jpging their village. Everything is more or less peaceful until a girl shows up. The first girl ever brought up by the metal box. Clutching a piece of paper reading: She’s the last and only remembering a few things, one of them being Thomas. Problem is, he has absolutely no clue who she is. Adding to the excitement is a sudden change in the laws of the Maze.

Overall Rating:
I give this book an 9’*/10’*

My Opinion:
The book is great, but comparing it to the prequel Kill Order it kinda seems like a bit of a drab. Not in a bad way, just that it doesn’t have the same amount of gory and gross details as Kill Order. The Maze Runner has more plot line and character development. There are quite a few shocking deaths and considering that I first watched the movie, then read the book, I feel like I should add that how the characters look in the movie are almost exactly the way they are described in the book. This is a perfect first book in a series that takes place in the crappy reality that our world will be if we don’t take action to preserve our planet.

Information about the Book:
Name:The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
Movie: The Maze Runner (Dylan O’Brien)

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Holding Up the Universe


holdinguptheuniverse.jpgLibby was crowned America’s Fattest Teen. She even had to be ‘cut out’ of her own home. But what people don’t know is the reason for her obsession with food. That was roughly two years ago, now she is ready to come back, start high school and a major do over.

Jack is the man. Well, at least that’s what he wants everyone to think. Jack can’t remember faces. He can remember a person, just not how they look like. Imagine a room full of strangers, but those strangers being your loved ones, people you’ve known your entire life, but having to memorize their faces again, and again, every time they turn away.

When Libby and Jack cross paths in an altercation, they realize that in order to feel less alone, you have to have to be willing to share your secrets.

My Overall Rating:
I give this book a 9 ‘* / 10’*
This book was/is amazing. I enjoyed how their characters and personalities changed and grew throughout the plot.

My Opinion:
There are a few things that I would change. Like maybe let her figure out who sent those letters or let her fulfill her dream. But I maybe the story would then not feel so damn amazing to read. I read this book in under 8 hours. And I started in the checkout line of the Hugendubel (german bookstore chain) that I bought it in. I have fallen in love with Jennifer Niven ever since I read All the Bright Places. I just love how she writes. This book makes me hyper at 2am in the morning, a time that I’m usually dead tired at. Every time I read one of her books, she changes the way I look at the world and more specifically that people inhabiting it. This book is a must read, if you like The Fault in Our Stars and All the Bright Places, or are simply a breathing, living human being that craves a love story.

Information about the Book:
Name: Holding Up the Universe
Author: Jennifer Niven

I know, I haven’t blogged in a while. But I just wasn’t feeling it. But now I’m back and I have so many books to talk about.

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All the Bright Places


‘If you’re looking for the next The Fault in Our Stars, this is it’
– Guardian

Violet is devasted after her sister’s death. Then she meets Finch.
Violet learns to live from a boy who wants to die.

That is literally all you need to know, only that it’s even better than The Fault in Our Stars. If you don’t want to read a book about suicide and death, then you shouldn’t read this book.
But even with being about suicide and etc. it still has recently become one of my favorite screenshot_2016-07-09-08-26-10-1.pngbooks ever. It has also made me cry enough tears to water an entire field of crops in the texas summer heat. I admire the characters for what they managed to deal with. If I been in Violets (one of the main characters) position I would have handled it much worse. This book is practically perfect in every way (just like Mary Poppins), but also incredibly sad.

I am giving this book an 10’*/10’* unbelievable I know. 😉
This book is AMAZING from the first page to the acknowledgments. You really need to at least have tried it. I was very emotional afterwards and I strongly recommend to read this book in a comfortable environment.

Information about the Book:
Name: All The Bright Places
Author: Jennifer Niven
#1 Bestseller in Amazon’s Social Issues for Teens

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Book 7)


Harry_Potter_and_the_Deathly_Hallows_1.jpgEverything has come down to this…
Harry, Hermione, and Ron have started to search the face of the earth in search for the Horcruxes that Lord Voldemort had created to cheat death. Hermine, Harry, Ron had to leave behind loved ones and friends to keep them safe because the Ministry of Magic has been overpowered by the Death Eaters (Lord Voldemorts Army) and are now out to kill every last one of the blood traitors and muggle-born witches and wizards. Ron, Hermine, and Harry all had to make a choice… But they are left behind wondering if they really made the right decision…

My Opinion:
This book is basically one final showdown. It also though has your typical Harry Potter quest hunts and solving the puzzle. It’s also the last book of the Harry Potter franchise so… IT’S PRETTY AMAZING!!! During the battle of Hogwarts, all the characters start making last-minute confessions to their loved ones. They are all in all my favorite scenes and I always come back to the books to re-read them.

I give this book a 9’* / 10’*
Mostly because you see how far the single characters have come and it’s very inspirational that even though they are all these big heroes they still make mistakes and things go wrong. I semi grew up with Harry Potter so when I did finally read the very last chapters (epilogue), I was (not going to lie) pretty much bawling my eyes out. To this day I have not seen the 6th movie of Harry Potter, for obvious reasons. But I also have not seen both full movie of 7 part 1 and part 2.

Information about the Book:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
Written by: J.K.Rowling
last book in the series

The launch of the new book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was a couple of days ago and I have read a couple of spoilers and to be honest, I have no idea how I’m supposed to feel about this…
How do you feel about the new Harry Potter?
Let me know via email (

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Bad Decisions Playlist


513l8llfI-L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_This is a story about a group of very screwed up people who have all made mistakes, but they learn to figure out their problems and their issues, through their love for music.

My Opinion:
That sentence basically describes everything you need to know about this book. It’s about messing up and having to deal with the consequences. Trusting someone and having that trust broken. But this is also a story about love. The kind of love that consumes you and makes you forget everything else. The kind of love we all want, the kind of love that we ache for in our hearts.
I really liked the middle and the end, even though I don’t agree with how it ended but I understand that somethings are not meant to last.
The first few pages, maybe chapters I don’t know anymore, I probaöyx skipped because in the beginning there is so much explaining to do and even though the beginning was probably crucial but I then figured out the parts that I needed and it was okay. But I tried getting through the first few chapters, but I found it nearly impossible.

I give this book an 7’* / 10’*
Mainly because the beginning, but also because there were a lot of things I would change. But all in all, the story is written pretty good.

Information about the Book:
Name: Bad Decisions Playlist
Author: Michael Rubens
-Publication Date: 2nd of August 2016-

Do you think something or someone like god exists?
I wish you nothing but love and success,

Saphire Blue


“Ready when you are.”
-Sapphire Blue (Kerstin Gier)

The past week has been very hard for Gwen. She has found out that she is a time traveler, that her family is part of some secret organization, that a creepy earl that has been dead for almost 200 years is out to get her, and that the guy she is time traveling with is a guy who’s looks are totally swoon-worthy. But the list doesn’t stop there, it goes on and on.
Gideon kissed her, what is she supposed to do now?

My Opinion:
I love this series in general but this book in particular is not exactly my favorite because I just can’t deal with how Gideon and Gwen treat each other. There was a good amount of action, but the book was mostly about their relationship and Gwen finding things out and learning to deal with being a time traveler.

I give this book an 8.5’*/ 10’*
My favorite scene in this book is probably the chapters 4-10 because the story has already started and all the catching up is already done. but also because in this book you see how sassy Gwen can be and I just love that the books are written in her point of view because you see how Gideon’s presence affects her. You can really put yourself in her position since her thoughts are so detailed and her struggle for words we have probably all have had in the presence of our crush.

Information about the Book:
2nd Book in a Trilogy
German Titel: Saphir Blau
Author: Kerstin Gier

It’s almost Summer Vacation and I soo can’t wait for Summer!!!!
I hope you are having a lovely summer so far.
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)


Voldemort is done hiding inHarry-Potter-and-the-Half-Blood-Prince.jpg the shadows. When Harry returns to Hogwarts, things are way out of control and the only thing Harry can hold on to is that his friends will always be by his side.

My Opinion:
I know that it’s really not a lot. But you can’t really describe what is happening in this book. It, as always has its ups and downs. But what I really liked about this book that there are a lot of things that happen, that you honestly don’t see coming. I love how you know only really get to know Dumbledore and you also only know realise that Ron truly does have feelings for Hermione. But there’s always this feeling (at least I had it, when I was reading this book), that someone is watching you and reading with you over your shoulder. When I read this book the first time, Harry Potter was an idol for me, a religion. Now years later, I realize that most of the time he does really stupid and reckless stuff, which he seems to always get away with. I’m still very much obsessed with Harry Potter, but I think it’s more with Hogwarts and Wizardry than Harry Potter himself. This book though is very worth reading, because you learn a lot more about Snape, He Who Shall Not Be Name, and how it all comes together and connects to Harry.

I give this book a 8’* / 10’*
Not because I didn’t like it or anything, mostly since it wasn’t partly a book I enjoyed reading, because of what happens to the characters.

I’m so terribly sorry for taking this long, it’s just that I’ve been super busy and I had a huge reading block. I had also been sick, but I hope that I am fully back now.


Have a nice week, much love

Gone (Book 1)


Welcome to the FAYZ, where Bullies rule and chaos decides.
The adults disappeared and have left behind a world that is slowly changing, mutating.
In the FAYZ everGone_Michael_Grantyone over the age of 15 disappears, blinks out of existence.
Kids start mutating too, developing weird but powerful super powers, similar to the powers of superheros.
Second party arrives, threatening the new-found peace and the FAYZ seems to be on the brick of world war 3.

My Opinion: I really like this book, but I really had to plow myself through the frist two-three chapters. They were soooo boring. But then it, thank god, got better. The characters started getting their 💩 together and they started putting up a plan. What I like most is that the characters are actually pretty young for their age. (They are around 13/14 ) There is a movie but I haven’t seen it yet.

Info’s about the Book:
Name: Gone
Written by: Michael Grant
1st Book in Series

Favorite song right now is Angle with a Shotgun by The Cab.
Have Fun reading!!!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)


Harry_Potter_and_the_Order_of_the_Phoenix_CoverartLord Voldemort is back and no one seems to believe Harry, except Dumbeldore. But he seems to be MIA. When two dementores threaten Dudley and Harry on a walk home and Harry is forced to cast the Partronus spell, which leads to all kinds of things come crashing down on top of his head. Coming back to Hogwarts seemed like a far away dream, but when a new teacher comes to Hogwarts everything changes and Harry, Ron and Hermione are forced to act and call together an elite force, also known as Dumbledore’s Army.

My Opinion:
Favorite Harry Potter by far. Best Plot line, amazing inside jokes and scenes where you laugh your ass off or when you burst out crying and the people next to you ask you what’s wrong. I read this book so many times I basically know the plot line by heart and my favorite scene is where Fred and George ask if their neighbors. You’ll get it if you read the book or will read it. 😉 What I also liked was the show down at the end of the book, when Dumbledore stepped in.
The movie was a bit disappointing, but it covered the most important things.

Info’s about the Book:
Name: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Written by: J.K. Rowling
Book 5

enjoy, Ali