Becoming Alpha


Tessa is different.
She gets visions of the things she touches, including people, visions that tell her the emotions that that person or animal felt or things that happened.
Then Tessa´s family decides to move, upon arrival in their new hometown, Tessa gets invited to a pacover-becoming-alpha@2x.pngrty, kisses the wrong guy and ends up discovering something that will change the way she looks at the world.

Overall Rating:
I give this book 10 ` */10 ` *
I know that´s a first, but this book really deserves it.

My Opinion:
This book has made it into my Top 50 of All Time. I am basically in love with Dastien and the fact that he speaks fluent French, has a unique task in music, is a supernatural creature and knows how to fight makes him so much hotter. I reread this book at least a hundred times, it makes me happy and has raised my expectations for a guy by at least a mile. One of my favorite characters is Meredith, what I just adore about her is her confidence and her love of changing her hair color. What makes me want to read werewolf books, in general, is probably the fact that they have someone designed for them the moment they are born and I envy that.

Information about the Book:
Name: Becoming Alpha
Book Series: Alpha Girl
Author: Aileen Erin

I hope you have a relaxing week,
lots of love,


About Ali Greenwald

I first hated to read, then I discovered the actual books and the different worlds they can lead you into. Which led to me loving books to the point, where I want to have every book in the world. But I'll start by reading all the books in the Library and on Wattpad. My Hobbies are reading, writing, sleeping and dreaming. My favorite food is Sushi and I would love to spend the rest of my life traveling and reading and writing books. My dream job, would probably be, to become an English Teacher at Oxford or becoming a Lawyer, since I love a good argument / debate.

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