Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)


Voldemort is done hiding inHarry-Potter-and-the-Half-Blood-Prince.jpg the shadows. When Harry returns to Hogwarts, things are way out of control and the only thing Harry can hold on to is that his friends will always be by his side.

My Opinion:
I know that it’s really not a lot. But you can’t really describe what is happening in this book. It, as always has its ups and downs. But what I really liked about this book that there are a lot of things that happen, that you honestly don’t see coming. I love how you know only really get to know Dumbledore and you also only know realise that Ron truly does have feelings for Hermione. But there’s always this feeling (at least I had it, when I was reading this book), that someone is watching you and reading with you over your shoulder. When I read this book the first time, Harry Potter was an idol for me, a religion. Now years later, I realize that most of the time he does really stupid and reckless stuff, which he seems to always get away with. I’m still very much obsessed with Harry Potter, but I think it’s more with Hogwarts and Wizardry than Harry Potter himself. This book though is very worth reading, because you learn a lot more about Snape, He Who Shall Not Be Name, and how it all comes together and connects to Harry.

I give this book a 8’* / 10’*
Not because I didn’t like it or anything, mostly since it wasn’t partly a book I enjoyed reading, because of what happens to the characters.

I’m so terribly sorry for taking this long, it’s just that I’ve been super busy and I had a huge reading block. I had also been sick, but I hope that I am fully back now.


Have a nice week, much love


About Ali Greenwald

I first hated to read, then I discovered the actual books and the different worlds they can lead you into. Which led to me loving books to the point, where I want to have every book in the world. But I'll start by reading all the books in the Library and on Wattpad. My Hobbies are reading, writing, sleeping and dreaming. My favorite food is Sushi and I would love to spend the rest of my life traveling and reading and writing books. My dream job, would probably be, to become an English Teacher at Oxford or becoming a Lawyer, since I love a good argument / debate.

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